To our loyal families and friends.  It is with deep regret that Limelight Performing Arts has closed its doors for good due to the forced closing and goverment restrictions stemmig from the pandemic.    This has been the most trying of years for everyone on a national and global level.  We have all suffered some type of loss and therefore we can all relate to all of the sadness that continues to have ripple effects from Covid 19.  If there is one thing that gives me hope and inspiration is that although this particular arts company has become a  casualty of Covid 19 the arts as a  whole will never be a victim of Covid 19 because the arts come from within us so as long as we are all still standing when this pandemic is over the arts will be too.


Until then, Miss Ann asks that you support another local theater company who has taken over the lease and space of my company . SALT Performing Arts has a host of programs available for your child and for you too!  For more information go to


Until then thank you for all of your love, support and most importantly thank you for sharing your little knucklehead with me.  Everything I did, I did always with them in mind.  xoxo Miss Ann