Covid 19 Precautions taken by Limelight:


1) If we find out anyone has been infected we will contact families of that child's group immediately


2) Limeight will need to send anyone home adult or child who exhibits any signs of illness.


3) Limelight will only go by government mandated instructions not district instructions so barring no state emergencies Limelight will operate as usual.


4) There will be sufficient bathroom breaks for all kids at the same time with monitoring that hands have been washed sufficiently.


5) Limelight has plenty of antibacterial soap that will be kept replenished.  We have plenty of high grade disinfectant cleaner that will be used on all possible surfaces each day before Limelight opens each day.  We are however out of Purell so if anyone sees that on their travels please pick some up for us and we will reimburse you.  Statistics show that hand washing is way more effective than purell but I would like to have both in our location.


6) Updates will be on this website and our FB page only so please check this frequently.


Any questions or concerns call Ann at 610-843-5463