Are you ready to “Step Into Your Limelight?” Well then Limelight Performing Arts Center is the place for you. Limelight is for the small child who loves to sing and dance around the house and for the middle school aged child who wants to try something different. Limelight is for the high school student who wants enjoy their passion for theater or the college student who wants to further their education. Limelight is for the adult who has a secret desire to dabble in performing or the adult who gave up their love of performing for their families and careers. Limelight is for amateurs and professionals. Limelight is for everyone.

Come join us at Limelight and be one of the first to say “I was there when it all began.” ¬†We have our short-term goals which is to offer classes and musical productions to kids and adults of all ages. We are offering fun events like Teen Karaoke Sing Alongs that will be once a month, Girl Scout Troop classes, Disney themed Birthday parties (Psst Olaf can make an appearance at your child’s party and he gives warm hugs). We also have long-term goals to use the space for semi-professional and professional musical productions, plays, comedy nights, cabarets, recitals, jazz bands, solo performances and the list goes on and on. Limelight is a blank canvas that we can all draw our dreams upon.